#Triangle chappathi/ Roti # Soft chappathi # Layer Chapathi/Paratha #All in one awesome fluffy roti’s for breakfast and dinner!!

Triangle chapathi or roti or paratha which should be very soft and as well as layered its a combo of all so just try this at your homes too….!!!and enjoy it with your family.

Roti is one of a nutritious food when had with a perfect side dish like paneer butter masala or with egg or  you can try this tofu or paneer/cottage cheese for this,

For fresh home made paneer or cottage cheese you can try this link here :

And other sides for roti :

Now lets see the whole recipe of making this all in one chapathi :

Ingredients :

  1. Wheat flour
  2. Water
  3. Salt
  4. Oil

Preparation :

  • Keep your rolling pin, brush to spread oil, and your dough with the the above ingredients ready
  • Take a small portion on your hand roll into a ball shape and the rest of it too
  • Take a ball shaped dough and flatten it a bit and roll it
  • Roll to a thick roti as shown
  • Brush some oil to one half of it
  • And fold it into a semi circle
  • Similarly do it for the other half too
  • Make all the round balls into triangles in such manner
  • Take one triangle which we made roll it with your rolling pin
  • Extend it up to 1 cm thickness do not make it very thin as well as not too thick
  • Make sure dough is well flattened
  • Make all the triangles into chapathi’s as shown
  •  Now it is all ready to cook
  • This roti does not req much oil just brush would do
  • Place a tawa
  • Put the roti in it when it is raising with small lumps in it flip it over
  • Then brush with a bit of oil
  • Then you will get a perfect puffed ones
  • Then flip and brush the other side too with oil
  • When they get a slight color on both sides then you can take it out and store it in a hot pack
  • Similarly make it for the rest of the roti too

READY!!!! Our Fluffy awesome roti’s are done..!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

I appreciate it do let me know your valuable feedback’s….!


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