Desi Style Homemade Popcorn….for kids and grown ups (weight loss-did you know that!) 2 min 3 ingredient recipe..!

This is the all time favorite popcorn which will be easily available in beaches, parks and theaters. This unique flavor added much more fun to our childhood days .

My husband and my 2 yr old kid they both are very fond of popcorn. They just go crazy on it, since then i decided to make it on my own which is made with full of love and healthy ingredients.

I have used popcorn kernels here since this is healthy and a best antioxidant and this type of making is awesome and budget friendly, actually these kernels generally triples when popped. These are really good for digestion, lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar and prevents cancer and ageing.

Weight Loss:

A normal cup of popped popcorn contains only 30 calories, which is approximately 5 times less than the same amount of greasy potato chips.

The fiber content in popcorn makes you feel full and inhibits the release of the hunger hormone. This can prevent overeating without making them feel like they aren’t eating enough.

Popcorn is also very low in saturated fats, and its natural oils are primarily healthy and essential in the body.


This popcorn can be made in various styles like:

Kids popcorn – with butter & turmeric

For spicy tongues – with some red chilly powder, oil and turmeric

If you want you can add some pepper too go ahead and add it !!

okye!!! lets get into the recipe now!!!

Prep Time: 2 min       Cooking Time: 3 min        Serves: 5-7


  1. Pop corn seeds / Kernels – 1 small cup as shown (1 hand full will make 1 cup of popcorn)
  2. Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
  3. Red chilly powder – 3 pinch (if you need them spicy add more)
  4. Salt – 1 tsp
  5. Oil – 2 tbsp


Preparation :

  • Take the cooker and the lid without the whistle on top
  • Add some oil and all the spice powders as said
  • Add salt as req
  • If you are making it for kids as said above, reduce or avoid the chilly powder and add butter instead to make it interesting and flavor full for them
  • Just give it a mix and add in the kernels and switch on the flame
  • And put the lid on tight and secured because these just pops like crazy
  • When you here the popping sound it has started to do its work
  • Then as soon as you hear the sound has stopped make sure to switch off the flame or it gets burned at the bottom
  • Leave it for 2 min or so to get cooled down completely to enjoy the crunchiness
  • If your making this for weight loss do it only with a hint of oil and some salt
  • Done…READY!!!!!
  • Our Flavor full and tempting popcorn is ready to to attack!!!

Just give it a try!!

Leave me your valuable feedback in the comment section below and do share!


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