SUPER HEALTHY Cheese Omelette Sandwich

Eggs contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as beneficial protein and fat for energy. Though their cholesterol level might have negative health effects for some people but still we can use the egg white and make omelettes, eggs are healthy when consumed in moderation. Use them as a base for healthful dishes, such as vegetable omelets, egg sandwiches and poached eggs on whole-grain toast/bread.

The below are the essential vitamins and minerals from an egg:


Vitamin B-12:

  • Vitamin B-12 is found in eggs
  • This water-soluble vitamin is stored in the liver
  • Vitamin B-12 works to create red blood cells
  • Each egg provides you with 19% of your recommended daily intake.


  • Eggs are a good dietary source for vitamin A
  • The fat-soluble vitamin helps keep vision strong
  • It also helps cells grow and maintains skin health
  • Eggs also contribute vitamin B-6 to your diet
  • Vitamin B-6 also helps your body create red blood cells
  • Each egg contains 12% of vitamin A-12 the recommended daily intake for women — and 6% of your daily B-6 requirements.

Vitamin D:

  • Vitamin D is contained in the yolks of eggs
  • This vitamin also helps keep your immune system strong to prevent diseases and to keep muscles functioning optimally
  • This provides 7% of your recommended daily intake.


Selenium And Iron:

  • Eggs also contain selenium and iron, two essential minerals
  • Selenium works to prevent cell damage
  • Each large egg contains 0.9 milligram of iron — 5% of the recommended daily intake for pre-menopausal women and 11% for post-menopausal women — and 20% of your daily selenium requirement.

Preparation time: 5 min      Cooking time: 10 min     Serves: 1

  1. Bread slices – 3 (Toast it a bit on both sides with some butter/oil)
For the cheese omelette:
  1. Egg – 1
  2. Cheese – 1 slice
  3. Pepper – 1/2 tsp
  4. Red chilli flakes – 1/2 tsp
  5. Parsley – 1/2 tsp
  6. Salt – 2 pinch
  7. Oil
For the Green chutney:
  1. Coriander leaves – a few
  2. Green chilly – 1
  3. Garlic – 1/2 clove
  4. Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
  5. Salt – 2 pinch
Veggies topping:
  1. Onion – 3 or 4 slices
  2. Tomatoes – 3 slices
  3. Capsicum – a few
  4. Cucumber & lettuce – few (if you have)

More veggies and more healthy your breakfast is!!


Making the cheese omelette:
  • Take a small pan smear some oil in it
  • Break open an egg and put it inside and break the yolk too
  • Then flip it over smear some oil
  • Place a cheese on top and sprinkle some parley and red chilli flakes and some salt to taste
  • Close it with a lid and cook and allow the cheese to melt
Preparing the Green chutney:
  • Take a mixy jar and add in all the ingredients for green chutney and make it into a paste
  • Add some lemon juice and keep it aside
  • Check the salt

After making this be ready with the bread slices and toast them on both sides 

Toast layers:
  • Take 1 slice of a toast and spread the green chutney
  • place the cheese omelette on top of it
  • Take another slice of bread and place on it
  • Add some veggies like onion, capsicum, and tomatoes
  • For added flavor sprinkle some more parsley and flakes to it
  • Finally place the last toasted slice to it
  • Have a bite and Enjoy our Fun filled CHEESE OMELETTE!!!






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