Sunda Kuzhambu ;)

Sunda Kuzhambu is a recipe which is used as a side dish for curd rice .Which will sense your taste buds and an awesome dish for an appetizing , appealing and mouth watering moment. Sunda kuzhambu is a dish which is totally made out of left out sambhar

If you need to know how to make delicious awesome sambhar follow this link below:

Jack Fruit Seed SAMBHAR / Palakottai Sambhar

In Sunda kuzhambu, Sunda is Dry and Kuzhambu is gravy

  • TRY this for a different Enticing ,Tempting Experience
  • For this the any left out sambhar and rasam will be good enough to prepare
  • Some grated garlic is req
  • Sesame oil for cooking it
  • Just follow the pics below
  • Add 2 or 3 tbsp of rasam if that is also left out
  • Add sesame oil to make it dry
  • Just keep it in a low-medium flame for about 5 mins
  • Top it with some finely chopped onions
  • Enjoy the Sunda kuzhambu with curd rice and have a different experience.


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