Filter Coffee

Preparation time:10 mins          cooking time:5 mins          Servings:3


  • coffee powder 3 tbsp
  • milk 3 cups
  • Hot boiling water 2 cup
  • Indian coffee filter small sized one


  • while pouring the water pour at a regular intervals
  • see the color change of the powder so the coffee will be much more tastier


  1. Put the coffee powder into the filter
  2. pour the hot boiling water on the top
  3. Here comes the coffee at the bottom part


  1. Then milk should be boiled
  2. Take a tumbler or a coffee mug and add the desired amount of sugar or brown sugar
  3. Then pour a 1/4 of the cup of tekasan to the cup and add milk as needed
  4. Mix well and taste the awesome delicious coffee.

To make the heart shape kind of stuff:

  • Take the tekasan in a tumbler which has a bent and can be easily poured
  • In an another tumbler add the milk and sugar and mix it well make the “froth”
  • Then add the tekasan in a heart shape starting from one end and finish it off and READY to serve
  • You can even make smilies or letters too 🙂


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