The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Hello there,
My name is Swathi saravanan and I am very glad you’ve stopped by to read my cooking blog .

It looks like now a days not many people have time and/or mood to cook food at home
And i think, even less of them are actually enjoying the process of making home food, they probably think : making food is hard or even boring.

So i really hope you will find recipes posted here are useful, tasty and fun to prepare and you will actually enjoy cooking them with a twist and tips in it.

I hope you will like my recipes and my site and if you can’t find any recipes here which you are looking for , then feel free to ask me about it. If i know how to make it will be added soon to the site.

I also will be happy to answer any questions about recipes i’ve already posted, all of those are done and photographed by me, and sometimes by my better half , so all those dishes are homemade food we eat on daily basis.

As you probably noticed , I am posting new recipes regularly feel free to follow me on my Facebook page (swathi’s samayal) so you don’t miss updates. I also will be happy if you join me in comments to discuss about the recipes.

And finally i really think that cooking by our own hands is not only giving yourself and your family a chance to stay healthy, but you are also showing relatives you do care about them. I think it is much more important to know what is on your palate. Indeed we are what we eat……So make your food yourself,..! And YES!!!ENJOY YOUR TRUE COOKING AND LOVE TOWARDS YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR LOVED ONES!!!

As my hubby started appreciating my cooking so much , my journey for cooking started. Having a mom who know variety of recipes and correct you when you make mistakes, the passion for cooking doubled in no time. So finally, am standing here now to share all the recipes what i have learnt and tried so far and no doubt everybody loves them for sure. It has been 3 years and i got this idea of sharing my cooking wisdom recently.

ori pic editd

I have got so many compliments for my cooking and i’m looking forward the same response for my writing too!!! Most of the recipes which i learnt are from my mom,my in law and my grandma,so a big thanks to them. I basically love to cook and also i would like to share all the variety of dishes which is around the world in “my style”.

                                                                      THANK YOU!!

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